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Special Education

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When your child has special education needs, the first step is to achieve an Individualized Education Program (IEP) which describes a precise plan of action for teachers and other school personnel. Once the IEP is in place, the New Jersey law firm of Richard E. Shapiro, LLC helps parents ensure that the program is properly implemented to address your child’s special needs.  Our attorney also works with you to secure and maintain related services that your child needs and deserves.

Implementation of the IEP

It is critically important that you correct a flawed implementation of your child’s IEP as soon as possible. At the first sign that your child’s IEP is not being properly implemented, address the issues with the teachers or related service providers. All communications relating to the implementation of the IEP should be in writing in the event that subsequent documentation of your efforts is necessary.

When your concerns are not being addressed, request an IEP meeting.  If the meeting is unproductive or is refused altogether, contact our law firm for immediate assistance. Our special education lawyer has significant experience challenging a school district’s failure to implement an IEP properly.  We recognize the importance of this document to your child’s education, and we know how to work with school districts to enforce compliance.

Related services

Richard E. Shapiro, LLC also helps families obtain and maintain services related to special education.  For example, in a recent case handled by our firm, the school district tried to eliminate or reduce the related services of speech therapy, occupational therapy and parent training for a child with severe autism.  At a due process hearing, we cross-examined the service providers and took testimony from expert witnesses.  Our attorney successfully demonstrated that services should be restored to their prior levels and, for some services, be increased.

Get help from a lawyer who understands special education law

Our New Jersey law firm is dedicated to aggressive representation in a collaborative relationship with clients.  We represent parents and their special-needs children in Middlesex County, Mercer County, and throughout New Jersey. For legal assistance with your child’s special education needs, contact Richard E. Shapiro, LLC in Princeton.